Bringing the Best in Artisan Food Production to you, and bringing you to meet the Producers


Picture the scene.....

Early morning at Gortbrack. Into the Smokery. Put on your whites, this is serious food.

Sharp knife and wooden board are waiting, so are the sparkling fresh, silver wild fish.


Have patience, and borrow some skill from Sally Barnes. Fillet. Brine. Load the smoker. Tang of smoke from the sawdust smoulder.


When it’s done, you’ll have your own piece of West Cork to take home. Eat….enjoy…..remember.

Sounds like your kind of holiday experience? Then give us your preferred dates for a food-lover's holiday, tell us the kind of food and activities you like and we'll create a programme just for you!

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What better recommendation than a word from our Patrons:

Our Patrons for West Cork Food are David and Patsy Puttnam who spend much of their time at their house near Skibbereen and are well-known for their active support of local artisan food producers.

"West Cork, a land of plenty, where green rolling meadows surrounded by an ocean stretching to infinity, combine to produce a landscape that plays host to an abundance of lovingly nurtured local food.

As the skill of numerous painter’s reflects the unique West Cork light, so the artisans and small businesses of the area lavish their own care and commitment to what they produce; bringing freshly harvested foodstuffs  to our tables every single day of the year."

Patsy Puttnam

West Cork in Ireland has a reputation as a centre of excellence for artisan food production; a reputation founded on the care, commitment and skill that the artisan producers and providers of this enticingly beautiful part of Ireland bring to all that they do.

Many of them have a lifetime’s worth of practical experience, and are more than happy to share their skill and passion with people who appreciate good food. Many of them have achieved the highest awards at both national and international level.

West Cork Food has been created to bring the treasure-house of that experience within the reach of individuals like you, people who truly appreciate good food, how it’s produced and how it’s cooked.

During a weekend or longer, you get to meet and visit artisan producers, watch the experts at work, acquire some new skills, stay in quality accommodation and enjoy the captivating landscape and seascape of West Cork in all its diversity.

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West Cork Food Provides:

•    Breaks at specific times of the year for small groups of enthusiasts and also an opportunity for groups to arrange their own preferred dates for holidays in West Cork

•    Food themed holidays that will not only allow you taste, question and talk but also the chance to acquire new skills and knowledge

•    The opportunity for food enthusiasts to enjoy the seasonal market in West Cork, with autumn, Christmas and spring themed holidays

Explore our site, get to know the world class food producers that work here. Then, best of all, come and visit us, whether you come by yourself, with your family, or book a break with a group of friends or colleagues, you’ll be sure of a welcome – and some very good food...

West Cork Food



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