Beer – A Great and Long Pedigree
Beer is one of the oldest manufactured drinks. It seems beer was brewed in Sumeria & Babylonia as long ago as 6,000 BC. Possibly a cereal porridge may have been left in the sun and was slowly fermented by wild yeast, by accident. They must have gotten a taste for it, and by 2,500 BC the Egyptians had created a recipe for beer, later discovered in the ancient tombs.  So beer is as old as civilisation, in fact without the process of sterilising the dirty water by boiling it to make beer, civilisation may have perished by now.  So lift your glasses in celebration of beer.

At Eight Degrees we currently have three naturally adventurous beers available, Howling Gale Ale, Sunburnt Irish Red, and Knockmealdown Porter. We will also be producing some exciting seasonal beers in the future so watch our web site!

Our brewmasters have achieved something special. Yes, they do make some fantastic tasty beer – but more remarkable than that – they are unique examples of a Kiwi and an Aussie working together in semi-harmony… well apart from the odd sporting differences…

Both Scott and Cam learnt how to make full flavoured beers as home brewers and then studied how to make these tasty beers consistently at the Versuchs und Lehranstalt fur Braurei (“VLB”) institute in Berlin.

Cam, the Aussie, is trained as a chartered accountant – but more of an adventure seeking, sports crazed, beer loving kind of accountant than the nerdy, pale, office bound kind.  Scott, the Kiwi, is a water engineer who tries to mix his loves of epic travel and air guitar at any available opportunity.


We have purchased a 15 hectolitre (1,500 litre) brewhouse from Carlow Brewing.

The equipment was manufactured by Criveller Brewtech an Italian/Canadian company with over 50 years of brewing experience.

We will have the ability to do a double batch (3,000 litres) per brew day, and have tank storage capacity of 15,000 litres consisting of 5 fermenters & 2 bright beer tanks.

We have invested in a Meheen 6 head filler and capper bottling machine capable of bottling over 2,000 x 330ml bottles per hour.

Our kegging equipment will allow us to clean and fill up to 12 kegs per hour.


Brown glass bottles (330 ml) packaged in six pack baskets in 24 bottle cartons.  Available for retail sale as single bottles, six pack baskets and cartons. Available for draught sales in 30 litre Kegs, 50 litre kegs and casks.

We hope you enjoy and drink responsibly…. choose an Eight Degrees beer… it’s Naturally Adventurous


Eight Degrees Brewing Co Ltd
Unit 3, Coolnanave Industrial Park,
Mitchelstown, Co Cork, Ireland

Web: www.eightdegrees.ie
Telephone: 025 84 933

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