Making award winning black and white pudding, bacon and sausages wasn’t part of the deal when I signed on with my husband, Willie, in 1995 in a ‘till death do us part’ contract!

However, we had purchased 17 acres in Caherbeg, Rosscarbery, along with a small house which was to be used for holidays, weekends and eventually retirement. In the 1990’s, though, we acquired two sons, established a small processing unit, and took over the Rosscarbery Recipes sausage business from its former owner, Gillian Boazman.

That small processing unit was replaced by a larger building which is situated on our small farm. Here we process locally produced Irish pork into a range of sausages, dry cure bacon and black and white pudding.

We are neither a name nor a marketing company. Everything we sell under the Rosscarbery Recipes label is made by us and there is always a minimum of one member of the Allshire family present when we are in production.

This isn’t just because it’s cheaper to do as much of the work as possible ourselves but ongoing attention to detail and product quality.

Avril Allshire, Rosscarbery Recipes

Our Products

Willie took 15 months to create the Rosscarbery Black and White Puddings. During this time, there were many trials and all were taste tested and critiqued at our dining table. With one son preferring black and the other white, there were occasional tears also as Willie and Avril were agreed that both lads had to be able to give their own opinions on the latest effort. In a funny way, although we didn’t think it at the time, it was this sort of things that has given the lads the pride in their products. It also gave them the confidence that their opinion counted.

Launched in December 2006, we were stunned when Willie won a Gold medal in the biggest European Black Pudding competition the following March (2007). This was the first ever medal awarded to an Irish person by La Confrérie des Chevaliers du Goute-Boudin. Since then, of course, many others have followed Willie’s lead and returned to Ireland with their own Bronze, Silver and Gold medals. Gold was also won in Belgium for the Black Pudding and in Blas na hÉireann (Irish Food Awards).


But the White Pudding hasn’t been a slouch in the award winning stakes either with awards from Le Commanderie des Fins Goustier du Duché d’Alencon, Belgium. Take a look at our Awards page on our web site for a complete listing of what’s been achieved to date in France, Belgium, Great Taste Awards (U.K.) and Ireland. Willie has been intronised by both fraternities – an honour which we fully appreciate is not easy to come by.



We make a range of sausages including:

•  Gluten Free

•  Traditional

•  Spicy

•  Tomato

•  Cumberland

All seasonings are made in small batches by Avril in the processing unit.

But after the black and white pudding, we are probably best known for the quality of our Rashers, Bacon Joints and Ham. This is all done by hand and will take up to 2 weeks to cure – no rushing the process – but the finished product is 98% pork! Not a drop of water is added to our curing process and this creates a low salt, gently pink meat.

To cook, just place the joint of bacon or ham in a dry tin – fat side up. Cover with tin foil if using a fan oven and roast for 25 minutes per 500g + 25 minutes (20 minutes per pound + 20 minutes). Remove from the oven and rest for 10 minutes. Use the meat juice to add flavour to gravies and sauces or to cook the veg.


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